11 – A New Consultancy and Mediating Formula for a Renewed Eurasian Community

I am the founder of the Alpina Publishing company, as well as of the Cultural association Diàlexis, both operating in Italy, and aiming at the promotion of the cultures of Europe and at the connection between Torino and the world.

We promote books and initiatives, and provide consultancy, on several interconnected areas: linguistic, M&A, cultural history, European integration, Alpine regions, Europe and the world. Within the framework of  this latter activities, we have launched  a “yellow” book series, starting with a book about Europe and China, whose title is “DaQin” for indicating that Europe may be conceived only through the eyes of third parties, and that China was, since antiquity, the main term of comparison.In particular, the philosopher Leibniz made, in his book “Novissima Sinica”, a thorough comparison among the two countries. We are preparing now a new book whose title will be “Europe Riding Along the New Silk Road”, dealing precisely with the impact of the New Silk Road on Europe.

Within the framework of our consulting activities, we have counselled Italian ICT companies in mergers and acquisitions with the US. We would be pleased to advise European and Asian companies also  in Eurasiatic mergers and acquisition. In the past, I had been personally involved in business development in Developing Countries on behalf of the CIR Group and in international contracts and mergers and acquisitions for the FIAT Group. In my capacity as European official in Luxemburg, I had written a book on European development financing. I have also been an official legal translator of the former European Economic Communities.

I share the substantive reasons behind the Silk Road Initiative, and I am trying to give my contribution to the latter, having recourse to my competences, to my previous experiences and to my personal connections with the European Union, the business community and the authorities of Torino, with intellectuals devoted to European and Eurasian problems and the Chinese community in Italy.

I am trying, starting from the preparation and the diffusion of the books of the “yellow book series”, to create in Northern Italy a community devoted  to the study and the discussion of Eurasian initiatives, as well as to the consulting in favour of businessmen and companies willing to  initiate business ventures in the Silk Road area.We have already worked out an ICT project for the promotion of the Alpine Region along the Silk Road, which we would like to further develop together with other partners.For this purpose, I will welcome any proposals, from public entities, companies, other publishers, associations or authors, for carrying out projects together.

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